Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets One More Day of Open Beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets One More Day of Open Beta

Bandai Namco extends the fight into overtime with the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta to make up for connectivity issues over the weekend.

Dragon Ball FighterZ had its open beta over this past weekend. While there weren’t many complaints about gameplay, there was a rather large issue with server connections. It’s because of these issues that Bandai Namco launching a new open beta phase.

The connection errors over the weekend made it so many players could not play the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta. But Bandai Namco seems to have confidence in the core gameplay itself.

They announced on Twitter last night that the beta extension will go live on January 18 at 9:00 pm PST and ending at 9:00 pm PST on January 19, granting players an extra 24 hours of punches. The beta was available to pre-order customers only for the first day but opened up to everyone else on the following day. This extension will likewise apply to all interested parties.

With any hope, Bandai Namco will fix the connection issues and tighten any gameplay elements they noted from the beta before Dragon Ball FighterZ will release on January 26 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. If you have yet to experience the beta, take a look at the available 11 playable characters list. For PC users, Bandai Namco also released the system requirements to run the game as well.