Master Roshi Shows He’s Still Got it in Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

Master Roshi Shows He’s Still Got it in Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

Dragon Ball FighterZ adds the wise old perv to the roster on September 16 if you have the FighterZ pass and September 18 if he's the only fighter you want.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ character pass gets old school this week. The one and only Master Roshi is finally coming to the hit fighter. The inventor of the Kamehameha looks to be in fine fighting shape in the latest trailer. He’s going up against several of his former pupils and more than holding his own. I do wonder if any of his special moves will incorporate his scandalous nosebleeds though. Give the trailer a watch below.

Master Roshi is only the third fighter in the current pass for Dragon Ball Z FighterZ. Before him, fans got access to Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku. We don’t know who’s coming after Roshi, but hopefully, they’ll give us a tease soon. Personally, I’m always holding out for a Mr. Satan release. Sure, he can’t really be asked to fight against the galaxy’s best, but I think he could be a fun comedy character. Imagine something like Mr. Satan carrying around Pan in a stroller and she’s the one doing all the actual fighting. It’s just too good to not consider.

Outside of Satan, I’d like to see them dig into some of the secondary villains in the series. I’ve seen some fans asking for either Raditz or Dabura, both of which I’d be down for. Regardless, Master Roshi is a great inclusion that I can’t wait to see dominate a tournament down the line.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Roshi drops on September 16 if you have the character pass and September 18 if you want to pick him up separately.