Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 Aims to be the Biggest Shakeup Since the Game's Release

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 aims to shake up gameplay with longtime requested features that will drastically change the face of the competitive scene, forever.

This past weekend, Bandai Namco hosted the Dragonball FighterZ World Finals in Paris, France. On Saturday, Tomoko Hiroki revealed the new changes that will be coming to the game in the third year. These changes are aimed to deliver players with a fresh new experience, giving us the most drastic shakeup in the three years since it launched.

The biggest change, and one that fans of versus titles have been requesting since the launch, is the new Z Assist Select. Up until season 3, characters, when called in to use their assist attack, had only a single option that they would do. The makeup of a player’s 3-man teams were focused around how the characters synergized together when stringing combos together with assists. This made many players feeling like they were forced to choose a specific character solely for their assist if they want to be competitive. Now, each character will have access to three different moves. It really can’t be understated just how big of a change this is.

Characters like Trunks will now be able to fire off beams of energy while Vegeta can now use his crushing knee kick as an assist. We still know very little of all of the new assists that characters will have outside of the ones seen in the trailer. My hope is that there is a bit more variety than just giving everyone a beam, pop up, and combo option. Regardless, I have little doubt that the party makeups will be much more varied in next year’s World Finals.

The other updates that are coming are much more unclear, and we will have to wait a bit before they are revealed. Besides your expected balance changes and tweaks to characters, Tomoko shared that they are looking into ways to adjust systems that will give users a better chance to turn the tables when they are down to their last character. They will be implementing a specific feature to address this but gave no hint as to what that feature will be. Competitive characters will also have a larger mid-season balance patch to look forward to, that should shake things up too.

We also got the official reveal of two of the five new characters coming next season. First off was the previously revealed Ultra Instinct form of Goku followed by the surprise reveal of the fused Super Saiyan, Kefla from Dragon Ball Super. We have some time to wait before we get the silver-haired variety of Goku, but Kefla will be joining the roster at the end of the month!

Dragon Ball FighterZ was one of my favorite games of last year. I’m still amazed by the visuals that Arc Systems has managed to display in this fighter. Visuals that so perfectly capture the spirit and second-to-second action from the source material. Will these large changes land FighterZ on my favorite Game of the Year list for 2020? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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