Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Revealed at Xbox's E3 2017 Briefing

June 11, 2017

Announced as Xbox’s newly revived mission to branch out to audiences, Microsoft revealed a new trailer Dragon Ball FighterZ — a fighting game based on the ever-popular Dragon Ball series. In the trailer (seen below) you can see fan favorties from Goku, Majin Buu and more.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will incorporate 3 vs. 3 battle mechanics, in an attempt to overcome people’s natural urge to main just one character. A closed Beta for the game will be available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 around the end of the summer.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was revealed only yesterday, coming in early 2018 to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. AS announced, the game is a 2.5D fighting game, and the gameplay and character art (judging from the reveal) looks stunning. Check out the reveal trailer below:


Lou Contaldi

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