Dragon Ball Legends - How to Get Rare Medals in DB Legends

Leveling up a Super Saiyan character isn't easy.

By Peter Hunt Szpytek

April 1, 2021

Mobile games are really emerging as a dominant force in the games industry. With Dragon Ball Legends being one of the best mobile games around, it’s easy to see how it’s gotten so many people hooked.

To level up Super Saiyan Goku to the max, you’re going to need Rare Medals. Despite being relatively easy to come by, the sheer number of materials required to level him up is a little daunting.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a guide on how to get Rare Medals in DB Legends.

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How to Get Rare Medals in DB Legends

Here are the most reliable ways to farm and get Rare Medals in DB Legends. If you’re looking for a comprehensive video for these strategies, make sure to check out this Greenruff video right here. He goes over many of the strategies listed below.

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PVP Matches

If you can achieve battle rank 50 every two weeks through PVP, you should be pulling in some major rare medals. At the very top, you’ll net 2,000 rare medals, but along the way, you should pick up plenty. Your battle rank resets every two weeks so just make sure that you’re logging in and playing some PVP to get you there.

You’ll also get more rare medals depending on your total Rank in the Ranking Reward tab.

Story Mode and Story Challenges

Play through each story level and work on completing every challenge. Each challenge will net you a small number of rare metals which isn’t a lot when looking at how much you’re going to need for Super Saiyan Goku, but if you can complete a lot at once, all those small drops will really start to add up. Once you’ve completed all the challenges for each story mission, you should also be rewarded with an additional 10 rare medals for you to pocket.

Complete Events and Event Challenges

Very similar to completing the story mode and its challenges, you’ll get a similar net, but the relatively small material drops start to add up when you’ve completed a lot of them. The game is constantly updating and hosting events so there’s plenty to chose and pick from when looking for rare metal.

Tournament of Power Season Rewards

The Tournament of Power is a great place to farm some extra rare medals. Every two weeks you’ll get rare metal and other items depending on your battle score in each season so make sure that you’re playing this game mode a lot and you can net 2,000 rare medals with a high enough battle score.

Daily Login

Make sure to claim your daily login bonus every time you start the game up. Choose rare metal when you are cashing in and you can net around 50 every day.

Daily Missions

Make sure to complete those daily missions. Among other items, daily missions will give you small sums of rare metals. Every little bit counts.

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Make sure to check out this Greenruff video where he walks you through some of these strategies step by step.

You can find all of our Dragon Ball coverage right here on DualShockers.

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