Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Spoilers: Vegeta's New Form in Action

Get a glimpse of the upcoming chapter.

By Shivam Gulati

August 12, 2021

After reading the previous Dragon Ball Super manga chapter, the entire community is eagerly waiting for the release of Chapter 75. Well, you’d be delighted to know that some spoilers for the next chapter are already out.

In case you’ve not read the last month’s DBS chapter, here’s your fair warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

In the previous chapter, Vegeta revealed his new transformation that is related to God of Destruction’s power. And now, fans hope to see Price Vegeta overwhelming Granolah with this new power.

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Dragon Ball Super – Trailer (Official) • Now Streaming on Hulu

Dragon Ball Super – Trailer (Official) • Now Streaming on Hulu

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Drafts

Recently, the editorial department for Dragon Ball Super manga released some official drafts for Chapter 75. Judging from the drafts, the upcoming chapter will show Vegeta’s new form in action.

Firstly, DBS Chapter 75 is titled “A God of Destruction’s Power.” The chapter kicks off with Granolah being surprised to see Vegeta’s new form. The Cerealian says, “Power has no ceiling cap? What’s the meaning of this? (Via Dbshype1)

After this, Vegeta throws a blast in Granolah’s direction, and the opponent easily counters it. However, Vegeta instantly appears in front of Granolah and grabs him by his collar. Then, the Prince says, “You’ve been drunk on power for a while now, haven’t you? Let me teach you what true power looks like.”

Vegeta now head-butts Granolah that sends him flying, and he appears behind the opponent again to kick him down. Vegeta clearly overwhelms Granolah with his power, but the Cerealian isn’t ready to go down just yet. He lands a powerful hit on Vegeta’s stomach. Vegeta, who is now bleeding, says, “I have a fighting spirit, and the more it burns, the stronger I get.”

Well, that’s the summary of the DBS chapter 75’s early drafts. Of course, you can read the drafts officially on Dragon Ball’s official website. But note that these drafts are just a tease for the upcoming chapter; the actual chapter will surely offer much more. And detailed spoilers for the chapter will come out 2-3 days before its official release, so we’ll update this post accordingly.

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