Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Spoilers Teases Gas' New Form

The chapter is titled "Gas VS Granolah 2."

January 17, 2022

Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super is still a few days away from its international release. However, some spoilers for the next chapter have already surfaced on the internet, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Currently, the Dragon Ball Super manga is focusing on the intense fight between Granolah and Gas. Even after becoming the strongest warrior in the universe, Gas finds it challenging to defeat the Cerealian. And thanks to Vegeta, Granolah regained his energy after eating the last Senzu bean.

That said, we all know that it won’t be easy for Granolah to defeat Gas either. So, it’s no wonder that fans are expecting something big in the next manga chapter.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Spoilers Revealed

According to recent leaks, Chapter 80 will pick up right where the previous chapter left off. Despite becoming the strongest warrior in the universe, Gas is overpowered by Granolah because of lacking skills. However, Gas quickly sees through Granolah’s tricks and starts adapting to the fight accordingly. Gas then starts attacking Granolah confidently, but Granolah overwhelms his enemy by creating several clones of himself.

Finally, when Gas is busy fighting the clones, Granolah launches a powerful attack on Gas. On one side, Oil and Maki fly to rescue Gas, and on the other hand, Granolah falls on his knees after getting exhausted from the last attack.

Gas is severely injured from Granolah’s attack, so Elec removes the pendant from his forehead. Apparently, this pendant was suppressing Gas’ true powers all this time. Now, Elec asks Gas to unleash his “Instinct,” which changes Gas’ physical appearance. He becomes more muscular and grows two horns on his forehead.

As expected, Gas goes berserk in his new form and starts dominating Granolah. While Gas is beating Granolah ruthlessly, Monaito remembers Gas’ new form from 40 years back when Bardock defeated him. But unfortunately, he doesn’t remember what Bardock did to beat Gas.

Interestingly, Gas also attacks Vegeta and Goku, but he remembers Bardock after looking at Goku’s face. In a flashback, we see Bardock defeating Gas with a huge Ki blast. Surprisingly, Gas is scared after remembering Bardock, and that’s when Goku sees an opening and lands an attack on him. Finally, the chapter ends with Gas regaining his consciousness and revealing a controlled version of his new form.

So, these are all the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80. Of course, the leaked summary might not be completely accurate, so make sure to read the official chapter when it arrives next week on Viz.

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