Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86 Release Date, Time, & Spoilers

After staying unconscious for too long, Granolah will again join the fight in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86.

July 19, 2022

After a month-long wait, Dragon Ball Super is coming back with Chapter 86. The next chapter will continue Goku’s intense fight against Gas, who has already defeated Vegeta and Granolah. Currently, the manga is in the “Granolah The Survivor” arc, and the entire community is awaiting the arc’s conclusion with the defeat of Gas.

In the previous chapter, Goku unleashed his Ultra Instinct Sign form against Gas, who was surprised to see the Saiyan’s weaker form. However, Goku explains that UI Sign allows him to use emotions, which is quite crucial in this battle. Of course, Goku can stay in his powered-up form only for a limited time, so he has to speed things up and defeat Gas quickly. Well, we might finally get the moment we have been waiting for in Chapter 86.


Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super is scheduled to release on Viz Media and Manga Plus this Wednesday, July 20th, 2022, at 8 AM PT (Pacific Timing). Since the chapter’s release time will vary depending on your region, here’s the exact schedule for different time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM PST on July 20th
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM CST on July 20th
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM EST on July 20th
  • British Time: 4:00 PM GMT on July 20th
  • European Timing: 5:00 PM CEST on July 20th
  • Indian Timing: 8:30 PM IST on July 20th

Recently, some spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86 have surfaced on the internet. According to the leaks, the chapter is titled “Full-Power Battle,” and it starts with Gas and Goku’s ongoing fight. Goku tries to overwhelm Gas with his Ultra Instinct power, but Gas breaks his body’s limits to fight like a beast. Gas expands the size of his arm and legs to boost his attacks’ impact, and the Saiyan embraces each hit without falling. Suddenly, Granolah interrupts their fight and confirms that he saw Bardock in a dream, and well, Goku’s father told the Cerealian what he must do to stop Gas.

Goku agrees to buy some time by attacking Gas; meanwhile, Granolah charges up his ultimate attack. Gas is clearly too powerful for the Saiyans, but Goku and Vegeta team up to give Gas a hard time. Finally, Goku creates a giant body and throws Gas into outer space. At the same time, Granolah launches his ki blast that hits Gas, and the world’s strongest warrior falls to the ground. However, Granolah refuses to kill Gas because he is done seeking revenge from anyone.

Dragon Ball Super fans were eagerly waiting for this fight to end, and after a frustratingly long fight, we are finally there. Of course, we would love to see these fights in the anime adaptation, but let’s just say that the author stretched the fight against Gas for too long. Nevertheless, it’s time for us to look past Gas and hope that the next arc does things a little better.

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