Dragon Ball Super: Here's What Goku VS Moro's Colored Version Would Look Like

This gets us even more excited for the anime's return.

By Shivam Gulati

July 2, 2021

Dragon Ball Super manga fans absolutely loved the Moro Arc, and as expected, the ongoing Granolah the Survivor Arc is just as incredible. We are finally getting to learn more about Granolah and his incredible powers.

Anime fans are still waiting for an announcement on the return of DBS anime. Fortunately, Toei Animation announced that a new Dragon Ball Super movie would arrive in 2022. But sadly, we still don’t know anything about the second season of Dragon Ball Super. Nevertheless, unlike anime fans, manga readers get to read a new manga chapter every month.

Every manga chapter moves the story a little further and flaunts incredible art. However, have you ever wondered what the colored version of the manga chapters would look like? For instance, witnessing the colored version of the battle between Goku and Moro in the manga would be a whole different experience.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Colored Version (Goku VS Moro, Granolah the Survivor Arc)

Thanks to DBSHype1 on Twitter, we got to look at the colored version of the Dragon Ball Super Vol. 15. Interestingly, it shows the incredible fight between Goku and Moro, including the conclusion of the Moro Arc.

In the colored version, we can clearly see the actual color of Moro’s aura and the red color of his eyes. Anyway, if you are wondering what the colored manga pages look like; here, take a good look at them:

Interestingly, DBSHype1 also posted the colored version of ‘Granaloh The Survivor Arc,’ which includes Granolah meeting the Heeter army, Goku going against Whis in training, and Granolah fighting the Robbers and the Oracle Fish’s Prophecy.

Obviously, witnessing the colored version of the DBS manga chapters is a delight for every fan. And after feeding onto these pages, we are even more excited for the Moro and Granolah Arc to get animated.

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