Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie New Visual Released

Gohan will be the new star of Dragon Ball movie.

June 2, 2022

The long-awaited DBS movie will finally release in a few days now. Toei Animation is not letting the fans rest, and here’s another great visual for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie with a small piece of important information.

Even the people with no interest in anime content know about the Dragon Ball franchise. Not just that, but everyone has watched the show, at least in their childhood. That’s how popular the Dragon Ball series is. After receiving so much love from fans around the globe, the upcoming movie of the series was announced back in May 2021. And now, finally, after more than a year’s wait, we are going to receive the biggest anime movie of 2022 soon.


Although Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a name that doesn’t need any introduction or much promotion for its success, new information, soundtracks, and visuals are often released to keep the fans hyped up for the movie. Talking about the visual, a new one just got released.

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New Visual For Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The new visual is recently released on the official website of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and retweeted by many official Twitter accounts. The visual illustrates Gohan full of rage with immense energy generated from his body. From the very start of DBS: Super Hero hype, Gohan had been a center of attraction, with the studio hinting about focusing more on him rather than his father, Goku.

The new poster says “IMAX,” with the movie’s name given at the bottom. The official website explains that the visual ban has been lifted from the movie’s IMAX format release. Those who will view the movie in IMAX will receive the A3 poster of the new visual. But the number of presents for the visitors might be limited, depending on the theater.

Here’s the new visual you need to check out.

In the recent soundtracks revealed by Toei Animation, it is clear that the upcoming movie will have Gohan’s immense battles. One of the titles of the movie’s soundtracks is “Gohan vs. Gammas.” So it’s clear that Gohan will show his potential while fighting the Red Ribbon Army.

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