Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta's New God of Destruction Form Leaked

One more reason to get excited for the next manga chapter.

By Shivam Gulati

July 17, 2021

Dragon Ball fans know that a Saiyan’s body has no limit, and that’s why we’ve seen so many transformations of Goku and Vegeta. However, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new transformation of Vegeta.

Well, fans would be delighted to know that we might finally see a new form for Vegeta in the next Dragon Ball Super manga chapter.

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Dragon Ball Super – Trailer (Official) • Now Streaming on Hulu

Dragon Ball Super – Trailer (Official) • Now Streaming on Hulu

Dragon Ball Super manga has finally stepped into the Granolah The Survivor arc after wrapping up Moro’s story.

The Saiyan duo never thought they would go against such a powerful and cunning foe on planet cereal. But it looks like things will soon get difficult for Granolah, as we might see Vegeta using his new form against the Cerelian.

Vegeta’s new Form Leaked [SPOILERS]

In the previous Dragon Ball Super chapter, we saw Granolah easily defeating Goku and knocking him unconscious. Then, Vegeta decides to go against this new enemy, and we’ll finally see their battle in the next chapter.

Interestingly, the spoilers for Chapter 74 surfaced on the internet ahead of its official release. The leak states that Granolah will overwhelm the Saiyan Prince with all his might. However, the Cerelian will take a step back when Vegeta reveals his new form.

If the leaks are accurate, Vegeta’s new form might be related to God of Destruction’s powers.

In this new transformation, Vegeta’s hair is dark, and he has no eyebrows. Surprisingly, his eyes look similar to Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation. Also, this new form gets flames around Vegeta’s body and makes him more muscular.

Vegeta’s new God of Destruction form is indeed intriguing for most fans, and we will soon have a better look at it when the new chapter officially releases on Viz.

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