Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Bardock and Broly Secret Sagas Revealed

on February 6, 2015 6:59 PM

After completing Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, players will have to find five shards that are scattered throughout the Parallel Quests to unlock the secret sagas for Bardock and Broly.

Here’s how to unlock the shards:

1st Shard: Defeat Quest 3 of the Demigra Saga.

2nd Shard: Speak with Recon at “Time Square”.

3rd Shard: Perfect Parallel Quest 49 “The Saiyans Rebellion”.

4th Shard: In Parallel Quest 14 “The Legendary Super Saiyan”, defeat Goku or Ginyu in Goku’s body during Parallel Quest 18 “Ginyu Corps Return”.

5th Shard: Perfect Parallel Quest 2 “Get ready for the Saiyan Invasion!” or Defeat Super Saiyan Goku in Parallel Quest 21 “Let the Cell Games Begin!”

The shards can randomly drop after your Parallel Quest is complete and sometimes it takes even three attempts to get one. Once the shards are collected speak to Trunks in order to play the secret Sagas.