Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Brings Broly, Cooler and Battle Mode Details

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Brings Broly, Cooler and Battle Mode Details

Dragon Ball Z fans, not only have new screenshots of Broly and Cooler been unveiled, but new details on the four modes available in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z‘s “Battle Mode.”

Battle Mode will allow players to play with and against players from all over the world in the following ways:

  • Normal Battle: Players are given a set number of “Retry” options. The first to drop down to 0 loses the game.
  • Score Battle: Has teams attempting to reach the highest score possible by knocking out as much of the other team’s players as possible.
  • Battle Royal: As the name suggests, a free-for-all battle with each player attempting to knockout the seven other players for the highest score possible.
  • Dragon Ball Grab: Two teams of four players will fight for the 7 dragon balls dispersed in the field. The first team to collect all of the dragon balls will win the game. If neither of the teams accomplishes this by the end of time limit, the team with the highest number wins.

You can see these features in the gallery below, along with shots of Cooler (in his Normal, Final and Meta forms), and Broly (in his Super Saiyan and Legendary Super Saiyan forms). A demo will be on its way soon, containing four missions from the single player part of the game, an online mode containing both co-op and Battle Mode-Normal Battle options, and the ability for demo data and achievements/trophies to be transferred to the full game version.

Sounds pretty great for a demo, considering most give you a simple fight or two and call it a day.

Expect Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 around the beginning of next-year, on January 24th, 2014. For more details, screenshots and trailers, check out all of our extensive Battle of Z news.