Dragon’s Crown Was Initially Intended for the American Market, Kamitani Made What he Wanted to Play

on July 26, 2013 4:14 PM

Dragon’s Crown has been a long time coming, initially set to be published by UTV Ignition, then they dropped which allowed Atlus to pick up the project. Today Vanillaware’s president (and the game’s Creative Director) George Kamitani shared some interesting tidbits of information on what influenced the game as part of an interview on the Japanese site 4Gamer.

I myself wanted to play this kind of game the most, so I decided to make it. While it doesn’t mean that we ignored our audience, I was thinking to some extent that some people would enjoy this kind of game.

Yeah. Maybe it’s impossible to discern that completely (laughs). I think, to some extent, what you make is what you want to play yourself. In the case of Dragon’s Crown, Ignition (Editors Note: Ignition UTV was the former publisher of the game) told me “Make it for the North American market.” But in the end, we made it because our core [audience] loves this kind of game.

Can’t say I’m unhappy that in the end Kamitani-san and his team made the game they wanted to play. Incidentally, I want to play it too. I hate that Giuseppe is already playing it for the review….

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