Dragon Marked for Death Has Met Inti Creates' Expectations

Inti Creates told DualShockers that the sales of Dragon Marked for Death, its new IP for Nintendo Switch, met the developer's expectations.

2019 is set to be a major year for Inti Creates thanks to Blaster Master Zero 2, PC ports of older games, and Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, That being said, they kicked off this year with the release of a brand new IP: Dragon Marked for Death. During an interview at E3 2019, I asked Inti Creates if the new IP had met expectation. While he did not give exact numbers, CEO Takuya Aizu did confirm that Dragon Marked for Death hit Inti Creates’ sales targets.

Specifically, Aizu-san stated that “the release has gone pretty well and people around the world have been able to enjoy the game. As far as a measure or bar of success, it has hit that. As far as we’re concerned it has been successful for us.” He also stressed the fact that Inti Creates is adamantly supporting the game post-launch. “We still have updates planned for the game. We want people to be able to enjoy it longer and enjoy new stuff, so we are continuing to work on Dragon Marked for Death today.”

If you remember, Dragon Marked for Death released in a slightly unorthodox way. There are four different characters, so the game released in two different $15 packs, the Frontline Fighters Pack and the Advanced Attackers Pack, which contain two characters each. When asked if Inti Creates would ever consider releasing a game like this again, Takuya Aizu was unsure. “The one thing that makes Dragon Marked for Death different is that it has four playable characters and allowed us to do something like that. A lot of Inti Creates games are usually one playable character, sometimes two playable characters, so that wouldn’t really work. If we have another game that has that many characters, I guess it could be a possibility, but if it has one or two we wouldn’t release it in that way.”

Dragon Marked for Death are currently available on Nintendo Switch and a physical version that includes all characters can be picked up right now on Amazon. 

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