Dragon Quest XI Get New PS4 And 3DS Screenshots Showing the Beautiful Martina and Old Man Row

Dragon Quest XI Get New PS4 And 3DS Screenshots Showing the Beautiful Martina and Old Man Row

Square Enix released new screenshots of Dragon Quest XI, showcasing Martina, Row and the town of Grotta.

Today Square Enix updated the official website of Dragon Quest XI with a new batch of screenshots.

The screenshots focus mostly on the “noble female warrior” Martina and the “mysterious old man” Row.

Martina is a lady warrior traveling the world with Row to fulfill a mission. Her legs boast unrivaled destructive power. Besides her ability as a fighter, she is also blessed with elegant beauty and dignified manners.

She has exercised her body for her whole life, and she is an effective damage dealer. She fights using claws and spear, as well as using her kicks. Her beauty is also a weapon in battle, as she can master a special skill that confuses monsters.

Row appears like a mysterious old man carrying a staff and a large backpack like a simple traveler. Yet, this elderly man has mastered both advanced spells and powerful martial arts.

He can use both recovery and attack spells dealing great damage, and fight with both staff and claws. By swapping his weapons, he can change role depending on the battle situation.

Last but not least, we learn about the town of Grotta, gathering city of martial artists. There is a statium where martial arts tournaments are held, and on the facade a visitor can find a giant bust of general Graig of Delcadar.

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Recently, we learned that the PS4 and 3DS versions of the game have already gone gold.

Dragon Quest XI will be released in Japan on July 29th for PS4 and 3DS,