Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced For PS4 and Switch, You Can Swim Now

August 5, 2017

Square Enix hosted a special Dragon Quest livestream where the developer revealed that Dragon Quest Builders 2 in currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, Square Enix showed some gameplay footage during the stream where they bravely jumped into the water to reveal new areas of discovery, an action that would have met the player with sudden death in the previous game.

Dragon Quest Builders originally released in 2016 for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, however the PS3 version did not make it outside of Japan. The game features crafting-like mechanics where the player will gather materials in order to build a town for wandering citizens. Although these systems are reminesent of Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders hosts a rather deep premise featuring a hero battling against a villain who’s trying to take over the world.


In Dragon Quest Builders 2 players will be able to travel around the map easier using a glide technique as well as explore a bigger world with the openness of the sea.

DualShockers reviewed Dragon Quest Builders and we loved it giving it a 9.5/10 and praising it for its hours of enjoyment.

You can check out the gameplay below:

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