Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Demo Releases on December 6th in Japan, Photo Mode Revealed

Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Demo Releases on December 6th in Japan, Photo Mode Revealed

Square Enix revealed the release date for Dragon Quest Builders 2's demo in Japan, the photo mode and the builder pencil which lets you scan buildings.

Square Enix revealed new information on Dragon Quest Builders 2 today during a live stream.

First, the demo for the game, which was first announced along with a gameplay video in October, will release on the Japanese PlayStation Store and the Japanese Nintendo eShop on December 6th. While Dragon Quest Builders 2 is supposed to come west in 2019, that was information from Nintendo’s financial results. Square Enix hasn’t made a public announcement yet. As such, it’s unclear if a demo will launch in the west on that same date or not.

Next, we got to see the game’s online in action. There’s a photo mode, and you can share your photos online using an in-game message board, where you can also write comments. Photos can be customized with various things like filters, and Square Enix will organize official photo contests. Random photos from the message board can be shown during loadings too. Lastly, you can upload your island using the message board, so people can visit it.

After that, they showcased the “Builder’s Pencil”, a tool which basically lets you scan constructions and obtain their blueprints. To do that, you need to select from where and until where you’d like to scan, by placing markers. After that, a preview window appears displaying what will be scanned, and you can confirm it or not. That way, if you’re visiting another player’s island and find something cool, you can scan it and rebuild it in your own world later. It works on whole buildings too, as the markers can be placed very far away from each other. You can only hold 4 scanned blueprints at one time in total.

On the stream, they showed some game ideas you could do with your friends, like having everyone scanning the same huge building, and then racing on who manages to rebuild it first. You can read more about online mode here and here.

The stream is included below. You can find the message board and photo related gameplay from 21:12 to 27:00. From 36:00 to 40:05 they showed the Builder’s Pencil. Online gameplay is from 48:10 till 1:44:40.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 launches for PS4 and Switch on December 20th in Japan.