Dragon Quest Builders 2 Details Endless War Island and Its Defensive Battles; New Stream Coming

Square Enix published new screenshots for Dragon Quest Builders 2, showing defensive battles and climatic hazards on the Endless War Island.

By Iyane Agossah

December 3, 2018

Square Enix released new screenshots and information for Dragon Quest Builders 2 on the game’s official website.

The new screenshots reveal the “Endless War Island”, one of the islands the player will be able to explore. On it, the player’s objective will be to rebuild a destroyed castle, to help the NPCs linked to it rebuild their kingdom. As the castle is gigantic, rebuilding it alone would take a considerable amount of time. As such, it’s better to lay out its blueprints, collect materials and ask NPCs to help build it. As we previously detailed, you can ask NPCs to accomplish many tasks from building to farming. NPCs who received building instructions will automatically pick the required materials in your storage box, and the number of materials needed is indicated when you access your storage menu.

As you build the castle and stay on the Endless War Island, you’ll also be attacked by the “Hargon Sect”, who destroyed the kingdom you’re trying to rebuild. You will have many defensive mechanisms at your disposition like walls which block enemies, fire traps that deal AOE to enemies who walk on it, and a tornado attack.

Some parts of the island you’ll need to explore also has various climatic hazards, like blizzards or tornadoes. There are submerged tunnels as well. You can find screenshots below showing these various situations.

Lastly, a final live stream ahead of the game’s Japanese release was announced. It will air on December 5, 21:00 JST. The stream will be on Youtube. As a related note, a demo for the game will release on Japanese PS Store and Nintendo Eshop on December 6.

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It was also revealed the bulletin board we wrote about in the previous article will be shared between the PS4 and Switch versions of the game. This means even if you’re playing on one platform, you’ll be able to visit the islands of players of the other platform or share photos with them.

You can read more about the game’s online mode here and here. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases for PS4 and Switch on December 20 in Japan. Nintendo unofficially revealed in its financial reports that the game will be coming west in 2019, but an official announcement from Square Enix wasn’t made yet.

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