Dragon Quest Builders Announced for Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest Builders Announced for Nintendo Switch

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix revealed that they will bring Dragon Quest Builders to Nintendo Switch.

Released in 2016, Dragon Quest Builders bring the world of Dragon Quest to a more unique theme. Players will be tasked with building their own kingdom and meet new characters along the way.

Dragon Quest Builders retains many elements from the Dragon Quest series such as enemies and music, but its unique systems and gameplay make it an interesting spin-off.

Players will need to collect materials in order to build tools, weapons, and structures as they clear multiple chapters throughout the game. It’s clear that some mechanics are reminiscent of what you’d see in Minecraft, but Dragon Quest Builders adds enough new features to not make it a clone of the popular building title.

If you’d like to know more about Dragon Quest Builders you can check out our review. Also, Dragon Quest Builders 2 was recently announced for Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Japan. The new game adds swimming and guiding mechanics to the core gameplay.