Dragon Quest Heroes II Gameplay Video Shows Off New Features

Dragon Quest Heroes II Gameplay Video Shows Off New Features

PlayStation Underground released new gameplay for Dragon Quest Heroes II showcasing the game's new characters, features and quests.

A new batch of gameplay of Dragon Quest Heroes II on PlayStation 4 shows off four of the game’s new heroes, including its protagonists, Razel and Teresia, along with Desdemona and another character that Dragon Quest fans should recognize, Torneko from Dragon Quest IV. 

The gameplay has similarities to what was shown off at PAX East this year, but some new features are shown in the video. A new hub town is shown off at the beginning of the video, similar to the airship from Dragon Quest Heroes.


Exploration, something that was absent from the first game, looks like it’s more encouraged this time around through the quests and NPC’s that can be found in the game’s larger maps.

The two commentators also talk about the game’s online co-op, which was unfortunately absent from the video. Developer Omega Force kept closer to Dragon Quest’s RPG roots in Dragon Quest Heroes II. 

Outside of these changes Dragon Quest Heroes II is still a Musou game at its core. Monster medals make a return and the combat looks to be almost identical to the first game. The video ends with a boss fight that looks very familiar to the ones that were in the original Dragon Quest Heroes.

Dragon Quest Heroes II comes out on PS4 in North America on April 25th, and in Europe on April 28th. The PC version also arrives on April 25th. The game is out now in Japan on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch.