Dragon Quest Heroes II Gets New Trailer Starring Jessica and Angelo

Today, publisher Square Enix — via Sony — released the fifth trailer in Dragon Quest Heroes II’s “Meet the Heroes” series, introducing the characters Jessica and Angelo.

For those that don’t know: Jessica Albert and Angelo are characters in Dragon Quest VIII. 

Here’s an overview of the both characters via the Dragon Quest wikia page:


Angelo is a playable character in Dragon Quest VIII. He is a complicated man who hides his somber past behind an ambivalent, suave mask of a gambler and playboy. Though seemingly indifferent to the plights of others and even coming off as condescending at times, Angelo is nevertheless a dependable companion and an asset to the party’s efforts.

Jessica Albert:

Jessica Albert is a character in VIII. A girl from a good home, she comes from a wealthy family in the small village of Alexandria. However, contrary to her upbringing, she is unskilled in the social niceties and expected behavior of her environment, which often leads to conflict with her mother. She joins up with the Hero for personal reasons, strengthening the party with her flair for offensive magic. Something of a tomboy, Jessica is nothing like her mother, who expects her to be prim and proper in public.

Magic is far from Jessica’s only strength; she is also an outstanding fighter. Whips, staves, knives and later swords are her weapons of choice.

Dragon Quest Heroes II releases for PS4 in North America on April 25th, and in Europe on April 28th. It also is releasing for PC on April 25th. The game is already available in Japan on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

Below, you can check out the new trailer:

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