Dragon Quest I, II, and III Launch on PS4 and 3DS This August in Japan

Dragon Quest I, II, and III Launch on PS4 and 3DS This August in Japan

During Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017, the developer announced that Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III will launch digitally on PlayStation 4 and 3Ds.

Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II will each launch on August 10 for 600 yen and 850 yen, respectively. Originally released in the west as Dragon Warrior, the first two titles in the series will serve as a staple for the releases to come. Additionally, this was the first RPG series to gain western success outside of Japan for it’s fantasy gameplay and mechanics. However, it wouldn’t be until Dragon Quest II that the player would be allowed to play as more than one character.

Dragon Quest III will launch later in August for 1,500 yen. Taking the biggest jump forward in terms of pushing the RPG genre, Dragon Quest III introduced players to the level up system via experience points. Additionally, the game featured a basic class system that was revolutionary for the time.

No western release was addressed during the event. However all three titles have been released in the west for the NES as well as iOS and Android devices.

In case you missed it, earlier during the same even Dragon Quest Builders 2 was announced. Also, the newest entry in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is selling well in Japan and the game has been given a 2018 release window in the west.

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