Dragon Quest V Novelist Saori Kumi Sues Square Enix Following Dragon Quest Your Story's Uncredited Use Of Her Characters

After suing the Dragon Quest Your Story production committee in 2019, Dragon Quest V novelist Saori Kumi has now filed a lawsuit against Square Enix.

December 2, 2020

According to Asahi Shimbun, Dragon Quest V novel author Saori Kumi filled a lawsuit against Square Enix and Toho on November 24. The lawsuit is in relation to the movie Dragon Quest Your Story, released in Japan on August 2, 2019. The CG anime movie, created by the staff who also handled the Stand By Me Doreamon movie, is an adaptation of the JRPG Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride released in 1992 on SNES However, while Dragon Quest protagonists are usually always called “Yuusha”, Hero in Japanese, the protagonist of DQ Your Story is named Ryuka. Ryuka is the same name used for the protagonist by Saori Kumi in her version of Dragon quest V, a novel published in 1993. The two characters and their story are very similar overall.

However, Saori Kumi wasn’t credited for the use of her novel, even though the movie was partly advertised as an adaptation of her novel, and multiple fans thought of the movie as such.

Saori Kumi filled a first lawsuit against the movie’s Production Committee when the movie was released in August 2, 2019, seeking an apology and credit.

This new lawsuit against Square Enix and Toho asks 2 million Yen as damages and a public apology. Saori Kumi also explained the situation on her Twitter and in a Note article.

Moreover, fans raised funds through a crowdfunding these past weeks. In order to help Saori Kumi gather the funds for the lawsuit. She thanked the Dragon Quest fans supporting her on Twitter. The crowdfunding ended on September 17 and raised around one million Yen, thanks to whom she could fill this new lawsuit. It’s quite revolting to see authors uncredited like this. As a fan. But also as a game writer who regularly sees sites stealing content or reusing translations without sourcing, non-English sites in particular. I personally hope Square Enix, Toho, and all parties involved will take the right decision.

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