Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Gets New Info and Screens on Competitive Play and Exchange Features

on December 2, 2013 8:31 AM

New information and screens have been released for Dragon Quest Monsters 2, which has been revealed to have both competitive play and exchange features using the local and Wi-Fi communication function of the 3DS.

For the competitive play, players can compete one-on-one or in a Round-Robin style competition with up to eight players. Exchange allows two players to trade monsters with each other, similar to how friends can trade Pokémon in the Pokémon games.

There is also a pretty cool ranked match feature that uses the Wi-Fi communications function. There are daily bouts that, depending on the amount of “winning points” you receive from the battle results, determine your regional and global rankings. The two types of matches are the “Home Game” and the “Away Game” with the “Provisional Rank” being determined by how well you do in each.

In Home Game, you host a series of bouts on your 3DS with three different sets of opposing player teams. These teams are basically ghost teams with their data being sent out from the server at random. As such, you hold the advantage as you can strategically change the monsters you use throughout those three battles. Away Game is more challenging, as your team’s ghost data is now fighting against another player hosting a Home Game. As such, you cannot switch out any of your monsters during that battle.

As stated before, Provisional Rankings are determined by how well you do in these battles–specifically the amount of winning points you earned in the three Home Games and how well your ghost team did in the Away Games. The regional and global rankings are then displayed in a leaderboard.

As an added bonus, players will also be able to transfer monsters over from Terry’s Wonderland 3D (the 3DS remake of the original game for the Gameboy Color) to Dragon Quest Monsters 2 using the Wi-Fi function by downloading a special app from the Nintendo eShop. This can only be done after the main quest has been completed, however. No word yet on how this feature would translate to the West, seeing as how we never received Terry’s Wonderland 3D in the first place.

You can view all the screenshots in the gallery posted below. Check out our previous coverage on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 here.

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