Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Gets New Information and Screenshots on Locales

on September 23, 2013 4:00 PM

Dragon Quest Monsters 2, the 3DS remake of the original Gameboy Color games, gets a host of new information on the various locales of the game, as well as some lovely screenshots.

There are several areas that the protagonists can visit in and around the kingdom of Malta:

  1. Ranch– in a remote island near Malta, there’s a ranch where ┬áIru or Ruka live. Players can bring their monsters there as well; friends can visit and check out your monster team, as well as go on missions with them.
  2. Towns– there are many towns scattered around Malta, with plenty of townspeople running about. There are also shops and facilities located in the center square area.
  3. Malta Castle– the castle was built in a huge tree in the center of the kingdom, serving as the heart of the country. Located in the castle is the king’s throne room and the door to other worlds.
    • Shrine of Shooting Stars– an important facility located in the first floor of the castle, it allows friends to combine monsters together.
    • Blacksmith/Locksmith– provides the protagonists with strong weapons, as well as keys to unlock various doors to different worlds.
  4. Combat Arena– Monster Masters from all over the world gather in this strange area to duke it out in daily battles. Winners receive mysterious keys.

The screenshots have been posted below.

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