Dragon Quest XI Will Use Different Musical Arrangements on PS4 and 3DS

on January 2, 2017 4:39 PM

Dragon Quest XI is out this year in Japan and — according to the game’s producer — development is reaching its climax. With that said, news seems to be breaking about the JRPG daily. As of late, Dragon Quest XI’s composer Koichi Sugiyama has fleshed out some more details about the music.

According to Sugiyama-san, the two different consoles — PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS — will both feature the same music. However, both consoles will showcase different arrangements of the music. Nothing was specifically mentioned about if the Nintendo Switch version will have its own arrangement, or will adopt the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation 4 version.

While also discussing the music, Sugiyama-san noted that the Dragon Quest theme was written in the span of five hours. Even more spectacularly, due to development constraints Sugiyama was forced to write all of the music for the NES original within a week.

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