Dragon Quest Series Announcement Coming on June 10, Likely At E3

Dragon Quest Series Announcement Coming on June 10, Likely At E3

It's highly likely Square Enix will reveal a new Dragon Quest game during its E3 conference on June 10.

The next Weekly Shonen Jump issue has Square Enix teasing news regarding the Dragon Quest series, leaks revealed. Square Enix teased that this year’s 28th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, releasing on June 10, will have an announcement regarding the Dragon Quest series.

June 10 coincides with the Square Enix E3 conference, so it’s highly likely a new Dragon Quest game will be announced then.


Dragon Quest Director Yuji Horii recently stated that Dragon Quest XII is “many years ahead”, meaning this can’t be the reveal of a new main Dragon Quest game.

While I didn’t have the time to cover it in a separate article, a new huge update for Japan exclusive MMORPG Dragon Quest X was announced on May 22 and is scheduled to launch in 2019. This means the announcement on June 10, coinciding with western E3, won’t be concerning DQ X either.

One thing I definitely see coming is a remake of an older Dragon Quest game using the know-how from Dragon Quest XI. Dragon Quest V is the most likely candidate as it’s one of the most beloved entries in Japan. However, DQ V is already getting a remake of sorts, through the Dragon Quest Your Story CG anime movie launching on August 2 in Japan.

This leaves us with a few possibilities. One of them is an announcement regarding the new Dragon Quest Monster console game currently in development. The game has Dragon Quest XI‘s Erik and Mia as its protagonists.

Yuji Horii also stated that a “Voice Drama DLC” is in development for the Switch enhanced version of Dragon Quest XI. He mentioned that an announcement regarding the DLC will be made in June, so it’s a likely possibility as well.

Another possibility is the reveal of a Dragon Quest III remake to tie-in with the new plot elements found in Dragon Quest XI.

The last possibility I can think of is the announcement of a Dragon Quest character getting into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While less popular than Final Fantasy worldwide, Dragon Quest is like a religion in Japan, so it’s quite weird none of its representant got into Smash yet. I’m personally betting on both a Dragon Quest III remake and a Dragon Quest character in Smash getting announced at E3. We’ll know for sure on June 10.