Dragon Quest VR Game Announced; New Trailer Released

After 32 years of delivering solid JRPGs, Square Enix's Dragon Quest series will finally be making the jump into virtual reality with Dragon Quest VR.

on April 4, 2018 8:15 AM

Yesterday, Bandai Namco Amusement, best-known for manufacturing coin-operated arcade games and attractions had announced that JRPG fans and VR enthusiasts alike would soon be able to experience Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series on a virtual reality headset.

According to the company, Dragon Quest VR will be available later this month.  In Dragon Quest VR, gamers will have the ability to set up parties as warriors, priests, wizards and provide them with swords, shields, and sticks as they traverse through the Dragon Quest universe. During your time in Dragon Quest VR, gamers will use attack and recovery spells, venture to the Zooma castle in co-op with friends, and experience what it would be like to physically interact with a slime.

In addition to the new announcement, Bandai Namco has also provided a new trailer featuring series creator, Yuji Horii who is very excited to see his franchise making the jump into virtual reality. Despite the trailer not providing any snippets of gameplay footage, the video did contain us several cuts of test players wearing HTC Vive head mount displays and wielding the Vive controllers as they mimicked actions as if they actually had a sword and shield in their hands.

You can watch the announcement trailer below this article. Dragon Quest VR will be available in Japan on April 27. Additionally, VR Zone will also be taking reservations for the game starting April 20.

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