Dragon Quest Walk Announced by Square Enix

Dragon Quest Walk Announced by Square Enix

Dragon Quest Walk is the newest mobile game of the Dragon Quest franchise and it looks eerily similar to Pokemon Go.

Square Enix revealed during a press conference on June 3 a brand new Dragon Quest game for mobiles, Dragon Quest Walk. The game will be launching in 2019 in Japan. Dragon Quest Walk‘s concept is what if the real world turned into a Dragon Quest world, with all its monsters appearing on the streets. The conference was streamed live, and the first trailer for Dragon Quest Walk can be found below.

Dragon Quest Walk basically works with destinations points. You have multiple ones of these to go to IRL, and as you make your way up to them, you will fight multiple monsters from the series, find dungeons to explore with bosses to defeat, or trigger events. Events can be things like finding a treasure chest with items or getting a percentage of your party’s HP and MP recovered.

The battle system is turn-based like in traditional main Dragon Quest games. Real world landmarks such as Tokyo Tower are also seen in-game and can be related to events or quests.

Each player also has their own house, which can be customized with furniture and items. The house of other players can be visited too.

Lastly, Dragon Quest Walk has an actual story which you progress through by going to story event destination points.

Dragon Quest Walk is developed by Colopl, a company already holding multiple popular mobage in Japan.

Needless to say, Dragon Quest Walk is free-to-play with microtransactions. The game has the traditional Dragon Quest trio, Horii as general director, Toriyama at character design, Sugiyama for the OST.

A Beta Test for Dragon Quest Walk will begin soon in Japan, with 20K players selected, half on Android, half on iOS. Registrations are open till June 5.

Dragon Quest is like a religion in Japan so this game will definitely be a hit. I can’t see the game getting much attention outside Japan or even getting released overseas though. And with its striking resemblance with Pokemon Go, most will simply stick with Nintendo.