Dragon Quest X Battle System Detailed, New Screenshots Released.

Dragon Quest X Battle System Detailed, New Screenshots Released.

Square Enix has released more information on the battle system of the upcoming online JRPG Dragon Quest X, slated for release in Japan for the Wii in spring 2102 and the Wii U at a later time.

The system allows battles to progress in real time while maintaining the traditional command-driven scheme of classical RPGs. Players do not have to wait for all fighters to enter battle commands before taking action and will have to think quickly in executing attacks, creating a realistic battle experience.

There are five different commands for players to choose from in battle:

  • Attack: Players use a basic weapon to directly attack opponents.
  • Spells: Players attack the enemy using magic spells.
  • Special Skill: Players use specialized acquired skills that are unique to each character.
  • Tools: Players use specific tools to perform actions such a s recovering health or aiding another party member.
  • Tactics: Players team up with another party member to execute an attack.

Combat is initiated by approaching monsters that are always visible on field. While there is no “Run Away” command, if the enemy is too much to handle players can run out of the combat area to end the fight. Monsters you defeat will occasionally drop treasure.

A variety of spells will be available, including those that will allow to identify the weaknesses of the enemy and crowd control ones likeSleep and Paralysis.

In addition to the information about combat, Square Enix also showcased the Dowachakka Continent, home of the Dwarfs. Dowachakka is mostly volcanic and desolate, covered by vast deserts. Despite it’s inhospitable nature, it’s also very rich in history and in natural resources like gems and minerals. Sandstorms happen frequently, and it’s even possible to explore the deep bowels of lava-spewing volcanoes.

The cities of the dwarfs still show the splendor of the ancient kingdom of Dorwam, but such shine is rapidly fading, as the legendary dwarfish ore processing technology, passed down from father to son and greedily kept secret, is gradually being forgotten.

As a result the many mining towns are being abandoned and the whole ancient and glorious civilization of the dwarfs is in decline.

Finally, Square Enix also shared some new screenshots, that you can enjoy in the gallery below: