Dragon Quest X Gets New Info and Screenshots on Upcoming Expansion, New Weekly Quest

on October 30, 2013 12:21 PM

Today Square Enix released a new batch of information and screenshots on the upcoming expansion of Dragon Quest X, that will be released for PC, Wii and Wii U on December the 5th.

We learn about the village of Mersandi, a pastoral hamlet that will be one of the first destinations for adventurers braving the new continent of Rendasia. The village is bound to stories about a demon that seriously damaged it in the past, and defeated by a brave hero named Zankrone. Unfortunately he disappeared after the deed, and now many villagers are starting to go missing as well.

A few prominent characters of Mersandi are also introduced: the strong and reliable village chief Gash, that continues to protect the villagers despite an leg injury (Maybe he took an arrow to the knee…), His son Las, that wants to be like Zankrone, and his bad tempered mother Gope, that currently lives alone in a water mill near the village due to a family quarrel.

We also get some info about the upcoming Monster Master job. Tamed monsters will be able to use different skills to defeat enemies, and petting them will increase their abilities temporarily. It’ll also be possible to equip them with armor and weapons.

Finally, unrelated to the expansion, today a new weekly quest was introduced to the game, concluding Prince Odis’ ordeal for the throne of the Uena islands, traditionally reserved to women. Will he manage to reach his goal? We’ll have to wait for the already teased (but not yet officially announced) localization to know.

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