New Dragon Quest X Trailer Introduces PS4 and Nintendo Switch Versions

New Dragon Quest X Trailer Introduces PS4 and Nintendo Switch Versions

A new trailer of Dragon Quest X introduces the "All-in-One Package" coming to Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest X is finally coming to the latest consoles in Japan, and Square Enix introduced the game to the new user base with a new trailer.

The game will come in a “All-in-One Package” including version 1, 2 and 3, and the trailer gives a cinematic look on the extensive storyline of all three versions, that were released over the years since the MMORPG’s release in August 2012.

Since then, the game launched on Wii, PC, Wii U, and even on 3DS, iOS and Android via streaming. Unfortunately, it never came west and hopes for a localization have been dwindling by the month.

You can check out the trailer below, advertising both PS4 and Switch version. Interestingly, a PS4-only version of the video was also launched, excluding any mention of the Switch version. Mysteries of branding.

You can also enjoy some screenshots, and some spiffy gameplay showcased a few weeks ago.

Dragon Quest X will launch in Japan on PS4 on August 17th, while the Switch version will release on September 21st. It’ll be certainly interesting to see which version will sell more, with the PS4 leading by a wide margin in installed base (nearly five million units against just over a million Switches), while the game and the franchise have been strongly rooted into the Nintendo camp for years. even if the upcoming release of Dragon Quest XI on July 29th might change that perception.