Dragon Quest XI Gets New Trailer Introducing its Colorful Cast of Characters

Dragon Quest XI Gets New Trailer Introducing its Colorful Cast of Characters

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age has a colorful and charming cast of characters, showcased today in a brand new trailer.

Today Square Enix released a brand new trailer of its upcoming JRPG Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

The trailer highlights the colorful cast of characters that will populate the game, which is certainly worthy of many Dragon Quest titles of the past.

Having already started to play the game for my review, I can definitely say that the cast is spot-on. There isn’t a single one of its main members that I don’t really like. Yet, you’ll read a lot more about that down the line.

A similar element to the past of the series is that the names of many have been changed for the western release. Martina is now called Jade, Kamyu is Erik, Senya becomes Serena, Sylvia is named Sylvando, and Rou has been changed to Rab. Only Veronica retained her original name.

You probably know how I feel about name changes, so I won’t bore you with the usual tirade, and I’ll leave you to enjoy the trailer and a nice gallery of screenshots showcasing each character in action.

Dragon Quest XI launches in North America and Europe on PS4 and PC on September 4th, and can already be pre-ordered on Amazon. The Nintendo Switch version is coming, but at the moment we have no clear idea on when it will be released or even exactly what it will look like. All we know is that it’s going to take a while.

If you want to see more about the game, you can enjoy another trailer revealed during the Square Enix E3 2018 showcase and some recent gameplay showing a boss battle. You can also hear more from Producer Hokuto Okamoto-san in our recent interview.

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