Dragon Quest XI’s Little Known Costumes Are Awesome on PS4

Dragon Quest XI’s Little Known Costumes Are Awesome on PS4

Square Enix did not publicize Dragon Quest XI's costumes all that much, but turns out that they look absolutely great on PS4.

Dragon Quest XI is certainly a very big games, and comes with a lot of interesting features to discover. Many of those features haven’t really been advertised much – if at all – by Square Enix, that evidently preferred to have an element of surprise for when the first Japanese gamers got their grubby hands on the massively anticipated title.

A solid example of that are costumes. As far as I’m aware, we only got a mention in passing of certain pieces of equipment changing the look of the heroes, but it’s much more extensive than that. Not only there are many costumes for each character, but they look fantastic on the bright and crisp visual style of the PS4 version.

In the videos below, you can  see what they look like, courtesy of YouTube users さばみそ and ゲーム用 the first video shows all the costumes in the equipment menu, also giving you a look at the combination of equipment pieces you need to wear to trigger each. The last three give an in-depth look at the costumes for the girls. Unfortunately the author didn’t do the same for the boys. I wonder why…

Dragon Quest XI is currently available in Japan for PS4 and 3DS. A Switch version is also coming, but it’s being kept under wraps and we don’t know a release date. We haven’t even seen a single screenshot.

It will release in the west in 2018 for yet unconfirmed platforms, with the official English title Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. If you want to see more, you can enjoy some really beautiful PS4 Pro gameplay, and a glimpse on what it looks like on PS Vita via remote play.

The game sold more on 3DS than on PS4 in its spectacular debut week, but the PS4 version sold a higher percentage of the initial shipment.