Dragon Quest XI Gets Spectacular PS4 Video Showing Large City and New 3DS Footage

Dragon Quest XI Gets Spectacular PS4 Video Showing Large City and New 3DS Footage

Square Enix showcases more lovely footage of Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and 3DS.

During the Dragon Quest XI Count Down Carnival event in Fukuoka, Japan, Square Enix showcased some great new footage of its upcoming JRPG.

First and foremost, we saw the very beginning of the story on 3DS (for once not filmed off the screen as in previous screenings, but direct feed), as the hero faces his coming of age ceremony. Of course, it doesn’t go as expected. Incidentally, this part was played in 3D mode, with the 2D map showcased on the bottom screen.

There is also plenty of combat, with the bottom screen used to display stats and changes when the hero levels up.

Afterwards, the stream moved to PS4 footage, showcasing a visit to one of the game’s cities (Delcadar), including dialogue and exploration of the streets. The map is quite large and complex, with a lot of elevation changes. We also get to see some interiors, and even the ability to jump and climb on roofs to complete a quest asking to find a lost cat.

Treasures are available to be found, some needing to open furniture and containers, other requiring to break vases.

Dragon Quest XI will be released in Japan on July 29th for PS4 and 3DS, with a Nintendo Switch release also planned. That being said, no release window has been announced for the Switch version just yet.

If you want to see more before you check out the videos below, you can also watch some more gameplay from the PS4 and 3DS versions and some recent images showing magic and a village, and more showcasing the casino and quests. Recently, we also learned that Square Enix can’t yet talk about the Switch version, due to “adult circumstances.”

Under the videos you can also see a few images showing the Ishii village (which is the hero’s home town), artwork of Delcadar, and as screenshot showcasing one of the conditions of the “Tied Play mode,” which was explained during the previous livestream and is a sort of hard mode with a series of handicaps. Here we can see the inability to retreat.

Last, but not least, the full recording of the event is at the bottom of the post.