Dragon Quest XI Achieves Best Launch Month in Franchise History, According to NPD

In its first month on the market in the US, Dragon Quest XI performed incredibly well compared to past sales numbers for the franchise.

on October 24, 2018 11:06 AM

Yesterday, the NPD Group released sales figures for the month of September 2018 in the United States and Marvel’s Spider-Man came out on top. After the charts were released though, more information later came out from the NPD Group, most notably regarding that of last month’s biggest JRPG release.

The NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella, later on, tweeted out some additional details for Dragon Quest XI’s performance following its release in early September. While Dragon Quest XI failed to crack the top-10 overall sales for the month, Piscatella revealed that it was actually the best-performing game in the history of the Dragon Quest franchise within its launch month.

Piscatella said that Dragon Quest IX was the previous best release in franchise history here in the United States, but Dragon Quest XI had dollar sales that more than doubled that past total. For those in the West that were crossing their fingers in the hopes that Dragon Quest XI would perform well at market, things seem to be promising so far.

We’ll have to continue to see how sales for Dragon Quest XI perform moving forward but this is at the very least a great start. Hopefully, it performs well enough over the span of its life to continue to ensure that we’ll receive more Dragon Quest games localized here in the West in the future.

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