New Dragon Quest XI Video Reveals Flying Mount on PS4, Camping Menu and Glimpse on Combat

New Dragon Quest XI Video Reveals Flying Mount on PS4, Camping Menu and Glimpse on Combat

Today a Dragon Quest 30th anniversary broadcast was hosted on the Japanese NHK TV channel, and interesting footage of Dragon Quest XI was broadcasted.

To be more specific, we get to take a look at a few interesting elements of the PS4 version of the game introduced by the series’ creator Yuji Horii. This includes flying mounts (that will be available in addition to the horses that we have already seen, even if we don’t know what kind of gameplay freedom they will involve), and menus that definitely come with a old-school feel, very reminiscent of those in Dragon Quest X.

The menu showcased is the”camping menu” that has the following options: “Rest” (regenerates HP and MP), “Mysterious Crafting,” “Pray to the statue of the goddess,” “Wander around” and “Stop Camping.” The second menu screen showcased is the actual crafting menu, where it’s possible to create various weapons from ingredients.

We also to see the hero running around, and a very, very quick glimpse on combat, basically just a sword hit followed by an enemy running away. Another scene shows the hero in an urban environment and entering a temple.

Additional details we see are a view of the 3DS version in development with the hero rowing a boat, and a playtesting session of the game on Nintendo’s portable console, including a projection of the screen on a bigger monitor.

Last, but not least, the end of the video shows Composer Koichi Sugiyama as he works on a new tune for the game.

You can see the video below courtesy of YouTube user  ゲーム動画, alongside a rehosted version, if the original one gets nuked. A recording of the full program, including a large section on Dragon Quest’s history, interviews to Horii-san, Sugiyama-sensei and more can also be found at the bottom of the post, courtesy of YouTube user sushi.

If you want to see more, you can check out the latest screenshots and information, and in case you missed them, you can watch more videos and read more info in our report of the recent livestream from Jump Festa, alongside a few additional pieces of information and trivia.

Dragon Quest XI will be released in 2017 for PS4 and 3DS, with a Nintendo Switch version also planned, even if no information has been provided about its availability just yet.

Below you can also see two clips in animated GIF form, one showing the flying mount, and the other giving the super-small glimpse on combat, alongside quite a few stills that appeared on social media, just in case Square Enix manages to nuke all video evidence.

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The images in the gallery are courtesy of Twitter users ゲンセンオノレッド, ExtraZero8asamaゴムコム and NeoGAF users ranmafan and kuroneko0509.