More Dragon Quest XI News Promised for December 29th

More Dragon Quest XI News Promised for December 29th

It’s going to be a happy Holiday for Dragon Quest fans. Following today’s Dragon Quest XI reveal, Square Enix is already teasing more.

The new official website of the game, has a mention at the bottom of a program titled “Dragon Quest: And Onward to A New Legend,” that will air on Japan’s national television NHK on December 29th at 10 AM Local time.

The program will be hosted by Densha Otoko actor Takayuki Yamada, who you probably saw as the face of PS4 in quite a few local commercials, and is also known as a dedicated gamer.

Cameras will be allowed within the studio the creates Dragon Quest, and developers like Writer and Designer Yuji Horii and Composer Koichi Sugiyama will be in attendance.

Most interestingly, a small notice on the site also promises that there will be new information about Dragon Quest XI.

At the moment it’s unknown whether the program will make an appearance within the programming of the web arm of NHK, NHK World, but it’s very likely that the new info will filter online, one way or another. Of course, you can expect us to keep you updated on whatever gets shared.

Dragon Quest XI will be released in 2017 for PS4 and 3DS. A launch on Nintendo Switch has also been pretty much confirmed, but that version does not appear in any official promotional material for the moment.