Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and 3DS Gets More Information as New Website Opens; “Puff-Puff” Is In

Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and 3DS Gets More Information as New Website Opens; “Puff-Puff” Is In

During a panel at Jump Festa, Dragon Quest XI Scenario Writer and Designer Yuji Horii, Producer Yusuke Saito and Game Director Takeshi Ichikawa gave a few pieces of additional information on the game, on top of the new footage that you can see here.

First of all, the hilarious “Puff-Puff” is coming back, and according to Horii-san it will be awesome, worthy of the culmination of thirty years of Dragon Quest. If you’re wondering, “Puff-Puff” is a sexy massage scene that appeared in pretty much every Dragon Quest since the first, including quite a lot of sexual innuendo, even if it has pretty much always been intended as a joke addition.

The casino will also come back, and will include slightly different features between the Ps4 version and the 3DS version. It’ll have plenty of minigames to enjoy.

The 3DS version will support Streetpass, but it will work in a different way than in Dragon Quest IX. The team is also working on unique features for the PS4 version, but isn’t yet ready to share.

A new teaser site was also opened, and you can find it here. Interestingly, it makes no mention of the previously confirmed Nintendo Switch version, but it’s very possible that Square Enix is holding back the reveal for a different event, maybe the Switch’s own presentation that will be held in Tokyo on January 13th.

It confirms that both PS4 and 3DS will have a retail version and a digital download version in Japan, while the number of player is “1,” indicating that there shouldn’t be multiplayer modes.

The staff is also confirmed with Yuji Horii taking care of design and writing, Akira Toriyana of the character design, and Koichi Sugiyama as composer.

For the moment, the only release window confirmed is 2017 for PS4 and 3DS.

If you want to see more of the game, check out the footage released today, and if you’re interested in the broader Dragon Quest series, you can also enjoy footage and the visuals improvement for the upcoming PS4 version of Dragon Quest X.