PS4 Version of Dragon Quest XI Firmly Ahead of 3DS Version in the Polls

PS4 Version of Dragon Quest XI Firmly Ahead of 3DS Version in the Polls

The PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI appears to be firmly ahead of the 3DS version of the game in two Japanese polls.

With Dragon Quest XI less than four months away in Japan, and coming in two extremely different versions for two completely different platforms, it’s certainly interesting to see which camp Japanese gamers are in.

The first source is Weekly Famitsu’s top 30 most waned upcoming games ranking from this week’s issue.

We learn that the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI is at the very top of the ranking, with 1012 votes. On the other hand, the 3DS version is ranked third with 687 votes.

This isn’t the only poll held recently, as the popular Japanese site Game Watch launched a poll on its twitter account asking fans which version they’re attracted to.

As you can see above, 2,245 people took part, and 57% voted for the PS4 version. 6% voted for the 3DS version in 3D mode, 14% voted for the 3DS version in 2D mode, and 23% voted for getting both the PS4 and the 3DS version.

Again, the PS4 version is firmly on top, and as a bonus, we also see that 3DS fans appear to be more interested in playing the nostalgic 2D mode, instead of the more visually appealing but modernized 3D mode.

Of course, we’re missing an interesting factor here, and it’s the Nintendo Switch version of the game, that has been confirmed by both Square Enix and Nintendo, but is completely absent from the game’s current marketing, and doesn’t have a release date.

It’s definitely difficult to predict how it’ll influence the performance of the game on PS4 and 3DS as we don’t even what it’ll look like.

Dragon Quest is extremely popular in Japan, and whether or not Square Enix will announce the Switch release date before or after the launch of the game on PS4 and 3DS might sway quite a few fans, but how many will be willing to wait, if the port for the new Nintendo console releases at a later date? How many will double dip?

At the moment, the impact of the Switch version is pretty mun unpredictable, but at least among Famitsu and Game Watch readers, it appears that the PS4 version is firmly on top. One thing is for sure: Wednesday August 2nd, when Media Create will provide the first sales data after the game’s launch on July 29th, is going to be an interesting day.

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