Dragon Quest XI Sold Higher Percentage of Initial Shipment on PS4 than on 3DS

Dragon Quest XI sold more units on 3DS than it did on PS4 at its Japanese debut, but Square Enix expected the gap to be wider, looking at the shipments.

August 4, 2017

Following the sales charts published on Wednesday, Media Create released today its weekly analysis, mostly focused on the performance of Dragon Quest XI on the Japanese market.

First of all, we learn that following the hard push given to the market by the game, software sales increased by 249.53% from the week before, which certainly was no slouch, considering that it saw the launch of Splatoon 2.

Total hardware sales increased by 302.34%  and 417.62% for the PS4 family and the 3DS family of consoles respectively, week-on-week.

Things get interesting when we get to the ratio of sales compared to the number of shipments: The 3DS version sold 75.63% of the initial shipment at retail, while the PS4 version sold 83.61% of the initial shipment. This tells us that while Square Enix correctly forecasted that the 3DS version would sell more than the PS4 version (1,148,888 versus 950, 315 copies), they thought that the rather narrow gap between the two platforms would be wider.


A quick calculation tells us that the publisher shipped to retailers about 1,519,000 copies of the 3DS version and about 1,137,000 copies of the PS4 version. In the end, about 370,000 copies of the 3DS version were left on the shelves, versus 187,000 copies of the PS4 version, which is almost exactly half of the unsold 3DS copies.

Incidentally, Media Create also mentions that the game sold a bit less than the previous two numbered games of the series, but considering that the ratio of digital download is “higher than is used to be” (much higher, since digital download did not exist back then), the firm expects the game’s real debut numbers to be at least as big as Dragon Quest VIII, which sold 2,267,827 units at launch on PlayStation 2.

Dragon Quest XI will release in the west in 2018, with the official English title Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. If you want to see more, you can enjoy some really beautiful PS4 Pro gameplay, and a glimpse on what it looks like on PS Vita via remote play.

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