Square Enix Officially Announces New Dragon Quest HD Title

Square Enix Officially Announces New Dragon Quest HD Title

Square Enix is developing a new Dragon Quest HD title aimed at the "next generation" and developed by the Dragon Quest XI team.

Square Enix opened on June 27 a new recruitment page for the next main Dragon Quest game, officially revealing simultaneously that the game is in development. The game, which wasn’t officially titled “Dragon Quest XII” yet but will probably be named such, is being developed by the “Second Main Development Team” of Square Enix. This is the team who handled the development of Dragon Quest XI and past main Dragon Quest games.

The recruitment page includes a message from Square Enix Second Main Development Team Director and Dragon Quest XI Director Takeshi Uchikawa:

It mentions how the studio set itself the goal of bringing the appeal of Dragon Quest to the whole world. It also mentions how the project is an HD title aimed at the “next generation”, which could indicate the game will be releasing for next gen platforms. Yuji Horii already stated that Dragon Quest XII won’t be releasing anytime soon, comforting the idea that the game will be for next gen.

The message also states that the conception phase of the game’s development is over, and they will now focus on the main brunt of development and constantly accrue the game’s quality. The message also states that Yuji Horii is part of the project as always.

The page is for recruiting Battle System Planners, Facial Motion Designers, 2D Backgrounds Designers, Motion Designers, and Technical Artists.

Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2019. Dragon Quest‘s Heroes will also join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this summer. A new Dragon Quest Monsters game is also currently in development.