Dragon’s Crown Pro Comes West This May; Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards Available Now

Dragon’s Crown Pro Comes West This May; Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards Available Now

Dragon's Crown Pro receives a western release date with an added fun way of showing a Valentine that you care about them.

Atlus announced that their four-player co-op action title Dragon’s Crown Pro will launch physically and digitally on May 15 in the west for PlayStation 4.

To celebrate the announcement, Atlus has provided fans free Valentine’s Day e-cards to send to their loved ones. The cards feature the six playable characters with cheesy text that a special someone would enjoy. Each card can be customized and sent to an email from the official website.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an updated version of the Dragon’s Crown, bringing the co-op action game to better hardware and a new generation of gamers. The game allows players to choose one of six characters and take on various missions across multiple stages where they will fight hordes of enemies and bosses. Loot plays a large roll in the game as every mission provides new spoils for the player to constantly be updated their equipment.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will feature 4K resolution for players to experience the game in a better resolution. Furthermore, the online multiplayer will be supported across all three versions of the game, which include PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita along with PlayStation 4.

Additionally, the entire soundtrack has been re-recorded by a live orchestra which means those who have a decent sound system will be able to experience the powerful soundtrack in a whole new way.

In case you missed it, Dragon’s Crown Pro received a new trailer featuring co-op gameplay.