Dragon’s Dogma Netflix Series Gets New Trailer Prior to September Release

Dragon’s Dogma Netflix Series Gets New Trailer Prior to September Release

Dragon's Dogma is set to hit Netflix in less than a month and we now have a better idea of how the animated series is shaping up.

Did you remember that there is a new animated series based on Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma franchise coming to Netflix next month? I wouldn’t blame you if had forgotten about it, given that it was sort of announced out of nowhere last month. Well, now, Netflix has released the first major trailer for the series, and it actually looks pretty good.

The new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma was just shared by Netflix recently and it gives us a better idea of the story of the series. The show will follow the character of Ethan in the wake of his town being destroyed by a monstrous dragon. In the wake of this event, Ethan then sets out to get revenge on the beats the destroyed his home. In the process, he also comes across a litany of other monsters that must be taken down.

You can check out the full trailer right here:

Dragon’s Dogma is just one of a number of different animated series that are currently on Netflix or are planned to come down the road. For Capcom specifically, this marks the third animated series that the publisher is currently tied to, with the others being related to Castlevania and Devil May Cry. In the case of DMC, however, additional news on the series hasn’t been heard from in quite some time.

So what do you think of Dragon’s Dogma? Is this something you’ll be tuning in for next month when it hits Netflix on September 17? Or would you just prefer that Capcom make Dragon’s Dogma 2 already above all else? Let me know down in the comments.