Dragon’s Dogma Online for PS4/PS3/PC Gets New Info on the Setting; Could Be Released Outside of Japan

Dragon’s Dogma Online for PS4/PS3/PC Gets New Info on the Setting; Could Be Released Outside of Japan

Capcom released a large batch of new information about the settings and monsters of Dragon’s Dogma Online on the game’s official twitter account and official site.

The story is set in Lestania, in the year 322. The land is governed by the now powerless White Dragon. In the past, due to the blessing of the Dragon, peace and order reigned in Lestania. The days of prosperity seemed to last forever. Yet, due to a great calamity, the power of the White Dragon was lost.

The White Dragon sensed the upcoming threat and used the last of his power to create the Arisen. Now, the might beast is slowly turning into stone, and the demonic menace is looming upon Lestania.

The orcs are the monsters with the most widespread power over Lestania. They’re very aggressive and also called “demons of battle.” They hate their human neighbors. They’re skilled in the use of weapons and disciplined, with the strongest orcs at the top of the tribes. They bring forth the end of humankind.

The orcs have turned Lestania into  a battlefield, and the Arisen face countless monsters. Peace is lost, and the orcs are besieging the fortresses of the humans. Fort Gritten, that was never conquered for 300 years, is about to surrender, while the Arisen chosen by the Dragon take up arms.

The Lindwurm are sea dragons that live in the oceans and in the rivers. Their bluish scales are covered in electric sparkles, and will immediately shock those who approach them carelessly. They spit water from their mighty jaws, and their breath is devastatingly powerful, and after their enemies are wet, it’s even easier for them to be shocked.

The colossus is a large giant with a horn on his forehead. They’re similar to cyclops, but more dangerous and cruel. Their armor decorated with spikes are more than a match for anyone that dares come close.

There are also good news on the front of a possible localization. While there have been report about Capcom not planning to release the game in the west, Producer Yoshinori Ono clarified the point in an interview on the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu (via Hachima Kikou). Ono-san mentioned that the publisher is focusing on Japan first, because that’s where their largest userbase is, but that does not mean that the game has no chance to be released overseas down the line.