Dragon’s Dogma Online’s PS4 Beta Applications Now Open

Dragon’s Dogma Online’s PS4 Beta Applications Now Open

If you want to take part to the Japanese PS4 beta of Dragon’s Dogma Online, now it’s the time to apply. All you need to do is to grab a ticket for free from the Japanese PlayStation Store.

The thickets can be found here, and are purchased like any other piece of content on the PSN.

Just remember that to access the page you need to use a Japanese PSN account (if you’re logged into your western account you need to log out, or at least to use an incognito window, or it’ll return a broken link). You can find a handy guide on how to create a Japanese PSN account here.

The ticket grants you access if you’re within the first 10,000 that get one, in which case you’ll receive a mail notifying that you’ve been accepted as soon as 10,000 participants are reached (remember to set your account so that you can receive promotional mail).

Those who will not manage to get into the first 10,000 will still have a hope to be selected, but participation won’t be guaranteed. If they are selected, they’ll receive a mail between June 25th and July 3rd.