Dragon’s Dogma Quest Released in Japan, New Screenshots and Trailer Revealed

on December 19, 2013 10:12 AM

The free-to-play PS Vita and iOS game, Dragon’s Dogma Quest, launches today in Japan and gets a new trailer, screenshots and info on the story and battle system to commemorate.

Quest‘s story starts similar to the original Dragon’s Dogma game, meaning the protagonist’s heart is stolen by a dragon and (s)he must journey to find the dragon that took it, guided along the way by Rota. Gameplay is a mix between turn-based strategy and standard JRPG style combat and new job classes can be purchased

To celebrate the launch of the game, a new Christmas event called “To Wish Upon a Star” will be available until December 26th. During this event you can acquire two new job classes–Presenter and Choir–through a limited time dungeon. These classes are received by opening a treasure box inside the dungeon; however, the chances of getting them are very low.

Presenter has two job actions called “Steal” and “Bring.” The class can preform a ground-attack that has a chance of stealing a rare item. Choir’s job action is called “Gospel Song” and it recovers SP. You can check out the trailer and screens posted below.

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