Drawdog is in Development from Wandersong Developer Greg Lobanov

Drawdog is in Development from Wandersong Developer Greg Lobanov

Wandersong creator Greg Lobanov revealed through Twitter his next project, a game called Drawdog, which appears to have drawing gameplay elements.

2018 was a busy year for blockbuster video games, but independent title Wandersong from Greg Lobanov is one of the many independent titles that was able to stand out. With everyone setting their New Year resolutions for 2019, Lobanov revealed that one of his was the development of a new game called Drawdog.

The game’s new official Twitter account tweeted out a GIF of some brief early gameplay, which featured a dog character and a drawing mechanic that adds color to the black and white world. It’s a far different look from the art style of Wandersong, which I interpreted as a paper cutout art style.


If it’s anything like the wholesome nature of Wandersong, sign me up. The visuals, audio design, story themes of happiness and mental health, and gameplay for that game worked with me on a level that led me to give it my number 2 spot on my personal top ten list. With a different art style and gameplay premise, I’ll take anything new from Lobanov.

Not much else has been announced regarding the game other than it’s “a game about a dog that draws” with more information to come soon. As we wait on more details, be sure to revisit our review of Wandersong through this link.