Drawn to Death is Abandoning its Free-to-Play Model for Traditional Paid Model; Day-One Package Detailed

By Tyler Fischer

November 4, 2016

Today, David Jaffe Designer and Director of the unique third-person shooter, Drawn to Death, announced that the the game is leaving its Limited Access/free-to-play model to officially launch it as a traditional paid title. Further, Jaffe provided a bunch of new details about what gamers can expect when the game launches.

Over on the PlayStation Blog Jaffe writes that this doesn’t mean there will be any changes to the moment-to-moment gameplay, and that “Drawn to Death is still the skill-based, hardcore shooter/brawler hybrid that it was always intended to be.”

Jaffe then goes on to detail everything that will come with the day-one package of the game — here’s everything you need to know:

Launch Characters

All six main characters are available to unlock at launch. This doesn’t mean that all of the characters will be unlocked immediately, but rather they’ll all there as part of the core experience.

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Launch Levels

Drawn To Death will launch with 10 completely unique levels. Three of which have been detailed:

Aliens have invaded the city! Battle on rooftops, inside crashed UFOS, and even underground as you fight your way through the fecal infested sewers of Alientown!

The walls cry blood and the dead rise from the ground of Blood Bath, a uniquely colorful level with a large emphasis on vertical play and game winning booby traps!

Fire breathing slot machines, pissed off dolphins, submerged nightclubs, and a punk rock Statue of Liberty serve as backdrop to this flooded metropolis, a beautiful but deadly battleground of the future!

Launch Weapons

Drawn to Death launches with 26 weapons, with some unlocked at the start, and others needing to be earned.

Launch Modes

  • Organ Donor: In this objective based mode, Players must shoot the heart out of an enemy’s chest. Then take the heart to a stationary base for 1 point. Take the heart to a moving base for 2X points! First Player to 20 points wins!
  • Classic Deathmatch: First to 10 kills wins.
  • Classic Team Deathmatch: First team with 20 kills wins.
  • Core Deathmatch: First Player to 5 points wins. 1 kill = 1 point, but every time you die you lose a point. (Defense matters!)
  • Core Team Deathmatch: Same as Core Deathmatch, but for teams. First team to 10 points wins.
  • Brawl: In this mode, levels get smaller on the fly to create a more intense one-on-one battle/fighting game experience!

New Mystery Systems

Jaffe also announced that The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency (the developer of the game) is introducing two new systems to the game: Volcano God and Sphynx.

No further details were provided, but Jaffe did reveal that both systems are key to unlocking a host of in-game prizes and abilities.

Jaffe finished by stating more details will be coming soon, including an official launch date.

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